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Poppies in a green field

The shining light of sacrifice

Our Welland Park creative writers have written some inspirational Remembrance Day “Lest We Forget” poems. You can read all the others from the links at the bottom.

Death is my friend’s cold hand on my shoulder

the blood seeping through the linen

red against white

innocence against sacrifice.

Death is the way the sounds of the guns

mingle with the birds chirping,

idealistic amongst this horror.

Death is when a father talks so wistfully

of his daughter. He can’t remember her voice

or the way her eyes shine.

A pain pierces my breast and I fall.

I fall, I fall.

And I greet Death as my oldest and dearest friend.

When it’s all over,

they plant poppies to honour us.

But do they know

they are the same colour as our blood?

Those same birds, with their constant chirp,

are the only ones who saw us fall

Who watched me walk

hand in hand with Death –

my oldest and dearest friend.

By Ava Foster

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