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Do you ever feel like you're just here, just here to be a background character? Like you're invisible to the rest of your school, to the rest of the world...
Road at night in black and white

12:34 am

The glowing dashboard of my car blinks insistently at me as I force my eyes down to the untouched accelerator pedal...
Poppies in a field


An entry from one of the thought-provoking Remembrance Day poems submitted by Welland Park Academy...
Lest we forget written on a stone cross

No return

An entry from one of the thought-provoking Remembrance Day poems submitted by Welland Park Academy...
Soldiers walking with backpacks


An entry from one of the thought-provoking Remembrance Day poems submitted by Welland Park Academy...
Teenagers in an amusement arcade

Cabinet man

When they found my body – or rather, my machine – I was new, perfectly crafted, surrounded by tools, wires, and the occasional unnecessary kidney or bladder...
A selection of Martyn Pig front covers

Martyn Pig

In English we have read the novel Martyn Pig by Kevin Brooks. We really enjoyed the gripping, gritty and dark plot, with its many twists and interesting narration....
Surgeons in a hospital operating theatre

A medical intern with a twist

Climbing the ladder to becoming a doctor is hard. I would know...and 9 times out of 10 you don’t end up becoming the Meredith Grey-esque person 12-year-old you dreamed of being....
Circus fairground


At first this circus was fun and thrilling, we didn't have freakish features, only makeup and props...
Snake head curled in its body


My name is Oliver Grundy. Everyone knows my name. Everyone knows my face....but if you were to look at me on an odd day in 1987, you wouldn’t recognise me....
Grandparent and grandchild walking at sunset

Grow your roots

As I approached the sturdy conservatory door, I tried to not pay attention to the withering garden infesting the house’s back...
Tree in shape of a question mark on a desert island

Who am I?

Can you guess who these film and literature characters are from these descriptions? Test your knowledge now....
Person holding a burning book

Media censorship

Is there a middle ground between censoring content and allowing unacceptable and potentially harmful content to permeate popular culture?

Growing up deaf

For many, we could not begin to fathom the distinct loss of one of the major senses like our hearing. Read how you can help those you might come across.

Are Zoos ethical?

Recently I’ve began to ponder this age old question. Presented here is my internal, now made public, personal debate of whether zoos are good or bad.

Talking to Twinnie

We had the amazing opportunity to ask songwriter and actress Twinnie about her experiences as a musician and a member of the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller community.

See you in ten years

Read this short story where Stacey meets her younger self - a girl who thinks she is in love but yet to see what life can do to a person. Could she have done things differently?

Speak Out turns 10

Speak Out Magazine is celebrating its10th birthday and we have launched this website so we’re shining a light on this momentous occasion.

Slave to anger!

He was a slave to his anger, imprisoned by his rage. He warned them but would they listen? Read on if you dare.

Dear World – Pig Cat!

Pig Cat is here to take over the world, which is at the brink of doom, in this entertaining comic strip.

Wanders in nature

Getting out into nature has multiple health benefits and can improve your concentration, de-stress you and also gives your eyes a break.