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The classroom is where children should get an education, not a beating. After enduring a year-long campaign of online abuse, 14 year old Tanisha, shrieked for help as bullies ripped out clumps of her hair, and buried her under classroom tables and chairs. Not even the teacher could protect her leaving Tanisha too traumatised to go back to school.

That's why she realised it's time to wipe out bullying for good. It's time to reach out to victims, and the troubled kids who victimise them.
It's time for our children to SPEAK OUT.

Speakout Video

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Did you know bullying affects over one million young people every year.

Our vision  is to try to protect our children and young people  from bullying.

We will also be working with not just the victims of bullying but also the bully’s themselves to offer support of why this is happening .

Please do reach out via email or direct message on Instagram we will respond to all messages.

Everyday Trolls

This video was created to help our anti bullying campaign. please be nice to each other on social media. Create and not hate!  All the best to everyone!

We want to help protect young lives and help to create a safe environment where children and parents can come and exchange their experiences and offer support for one another .

Are you a parent who needs support ?

We will be offering workshops around the London area to begin with this is where we can come together  speak out and learn from one another.

Meet carla and tanisha


Together let’s speak out !