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Mentoring Project

Mentoring can help you with support through a difficult period of uncertainty and change. It can build your confidence and help you move forwards.

A mentor is someone who can listen and help you through difficult periods in your life. Being mentored can give you the confidence to face a new challenge, help you develop new skills and build confidence. A mentor can introduce some new ideas about different actions you can take. The mentor will support you and listen to you whilst you work through these difficult periods of time.

They are also able to signpost you to different agencies that may be able to help you further.

A mentor is someone who is not a family member and who can support you and listen to you

Why have a mentor

A mentor is a professional trained adult worker who motivates, guides and supports young people who would benefit from 1:1 support and somebody independent to talk to. Meetings can be arranged in a safe convenient place such as a coffee shop, library or another place where both parties are comfortable. This can be discussed when initial contact is made. Parental/guardian agreement to this will need to be agreed.

Interested in finding out more?

If you are a young person who thinks this could be for you or a parent/guardian who feels that your young person would benefit from having somebody to talk to, to listen to them or help them work to increase their confidence and manage their emotions then please contact Kay Hillier either by email or phone via the details below.

How to get in touch

Please call Kay on 07704 614154 to arrange an initial chat or email her via the link below.

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