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About us

About us

Harborough District Children and Young People’s Charity (HCYC) is a locally based, locally focused children and young people's activities charity. The Speak Out Project is part of the HCYC offering and consists of this website and a magazine.

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Speak Out Project

We are a youth-led website and a magazine. We are a warm, creative hub for young people that fosters friendships and inspires confidence.

HCYC and other projects

HCYC currently has two other projects running in the local community – the Chill Out Project and the Travelling Forward Project.

Help us expand

Here at Speak Out we believe young people are the future. It’s our mission to make the quality of life for young people better. You can help us to do this by a small donation.

Join us

There are various ways you can get involved to suit your own individual needs. Find out how you can contribute.

Our partnerships

We are currently supported by two partnerships within the local community. Find out how we are working together.