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Lest we forget written on a stone cross

No return

Our Welland Park creative writers have written some amazing Remembrance Day “Lest We Forget” poems. You can read all the others from the links at the bottom.

65 million people left for the war

But only 56.5 million returned.

On 11th November at 11:00,

We stop what we’re doing

To respect those that were lost

Lest We Forget

It began 28th July 1914

When Archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed

It ended 11th November 1918

After Henry Gunther was killed

These were the first and last to die in the battle

But so many more lives were gone

Lest We Forget

Soldiers lived in trenches

The German invasion was feared

Shots were heard around the globe

But to help us win the war

Some Americans then volunteered

Lest We Forget

This was the deadliest conflict in history

One that won’t be forgotten

As well as those that died

People came back injured

Lest We Forget

There wasn’t just physical injury

There many types of mental

One that’s now known as PTSD

But back then it was called shell shock

Lest We Forget

By Ellie Blaine

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