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Poppies in a field


Our Welland Park creative writers have written some amazing Remembrance Day “Lest We Forget” poems. You can read all the others from the links at the bottom.

The children hold their mothers close,
The mothers wave their handkerchiefs,
The men hold back their tears.

Letters unwritten, wars not fought,
Metal flasks and shiny tags.
Tell them they’ll go home.

Bullets slice the greying sky,
Taking soldiers with them.
Another flower blooms.

His hand trembles, his heart thuds,
His eyes are wide and shot with blood.
Tell him he’ll go home.

Is it worth the lives they take?
The families torn, the blood drawn?
A field of poppies bloom.

He walks through the field, mile on mile,
His heart stings, guns ping,
This is not his home.

This duty is my honour, my truth,
Bodies stacked, this blood pact,
Is all that gets me through.

As a sun sets, the millionth time,
A mother weeps whilst her child sleeps,
He was once a boy.

Their lives are frozen in Flander’s,
The wind the words on their breath,
At least they are home. At last.

By Niamh Whelan

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