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Single engine plane

Missing has landed

For this edition our creative writing brief was: Write a story or a poem in a genre of your choice to go with the title “The Missing Person”. This is one of our entries from Welland Park Academy.

The Downing Hon Times

Almost 6 years ago a small plane took off from London bound for America. Mid-flight the plane vanished. Many believed it flew into the ocean. Astonishingly, 6 years later, now in 2001, it has miraculously landed in America. How did this happen? We are all asking the same question.

In 1994 a woman named Amy Robins purchased a single seat aircraft with the intention of flying to visit her family in America. On May 15th 1995 she took off alone in her plane. She communicated with traffic control via her headset. The people in the Watch Tower followed her plane on radar. It was estimated to be a 15-hour flight. However, after 8 hours – when she was flying over the Atlantic Ocean – the plane vanished from radar. This caused huge panic among the people in the Watch Tower. After several days of searching, Amy was presumed dead.

The breaking news today, January 4th, 2001, is that an unscheduled plane landed at JFK Airport, America at 14:53. When it landed, Amy Robins walked out to people demanding to know who she was, why she was there and where she came from. Apparently, she said hers was the plane due from London Heathrow and she seemed to think it was May 16th, 1995. She thought they were joking when they told her it was January 4th 2001.

Amy has now been taken in to a psychiatric hospital for assessment. Reports also state that she did not realize that she has aged 6 years.

We have an interview with one of the men who saw her plane vanish from radar 6 years ago; “In 1995, May 15th, I was in the Watch Tower following Amy’s plane from take-off. During the eighth hour of her flight, through her headset, we were discussing the best route to take to get to America as there was a storm in the North and then, half way through speaking she stopped mid-sentence and then I heard a yell behind me and it was Alex, one of the crew members watching the radar. He shouted; “She’s gone! Her plane just vanished! Come here look, it’s not on the radar anymore!” I remember after that we all had a huge panic and that night I couldn’t sleep. Days later the reports said she was presumed dead as she had not arrived in America and I felt awful as I heard her last word before her plane vanished. So that’s really the whole story nothing else to it.”

Amy’s family are currently both amazed and in shock. We can’t confirm why she is alive after six years and her not remembering it. This is a day in history, witnessed by many people and I don’t think anyone will ever forget this. Amy is in America surrounded by people, news reporters, cameramen and more. There is still so much more to be understood and we will continue to follow this closely and bring you any updates as they come. It is said that both the President of America and the Prime Minister of England are scheduling plans to meet with Amy. This story is going to be on television all around the world and truly is amazing. That is all we can share for now but follow our column for more updates tomorrow.

Please note: All articles written by young people are fictional in nature and nothing is to be taken as fact.
By Harry Bennett from Welland Park Academy
Photo credit: Spencer Davis via Pexels

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