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The team

We would like to introduce you to the editorial team at Speak Out.

Name: Olivia Hall
Age: 16

I’m a sixth form student, an avid reader, photographer and film enthusiast.

I thoroughly enjoy Speak Out and I have been a member for years. It has been a great experience to get a chance to expand my knowledge on lots of new subjects.

10 years ago I was 4ft tall. Now I’m 6ft 1. Time really does fly.

10 years from now I hope to be a barrister as I’m highly interested in law.

I am a babysitter and a college student.

The best thing about being part of Speak Out is: being able to develop my writing skills whilst writing interesting and inspiring articles.

It’s really important to listen to young people because: everyone has a little pearl of knowledge inside of them. Sometimes good ideas come from the most unexpected places. You can gain wisdom from anywhere even the smallest of children.

10 years ago: I was probably having a nap.

In 10 years’ time I really hope to be able to help improve other people’s lives

Name: Amelia Wilson
Age: 17

Name: Mei Kawagoe
Age: 17

I’m an English Literature, History, French and Art History student.

I also have a weekend job and walk my dog (who looks like an ageing lion/giraffe).

Speak Out is a really engaging youth-led, youth-run, community-centred magazine. We must listen to young people because they’re the next generation, the future and it is so important that everyone feels heard and has the chance to speak, and to listen.

10 years ago everything was nice and it was the 12/12/12 and that was bittersweet because I really wanted to see another date like that and knew I had to live until 100ish but I was determined to make it.

In 10 years’ time, hopefully I will be working in the international art markets/diplomacy; have a Lady Dior bag; speak a kaleidoscope of languages; eat Black Forest gateau and have a balcony/rooftop garden

I am currently in year 10 and when I’m out of the classroom I enjoy reading novels that are relevant to today’s world and thinking of new ideas for creative writing.

The best thing about Speak Out is having the freedom to think imaginatively and come up with bright and exuberant ideas for articles within the magazine. It’s important to listen to young people as we are a vital part of the future. Adding to this, we have the power to evoke change both globally and nationally.

In 10 years I hope to be fulfilling a career within a field of work involving science. Also, I hope to still be able to support and guide the next generation of young people to share and promote their ideas. Though I don’t remember what I wanted to be.

10 years ago, my imagination was at its peak and ideas would just roam wild around my mind for games to play with my friends. Looking back this has probably stayed with me to some degree and now is utilized within my writing.

Name: Erin Hickey
Age: 14

Name: Ivy Huang
Age: 16

I write short stories in my spare time.

The best thing about being part of Speak Out is: being in a team where ideas are welcomed. It’s really important to listen to young people because: young people are the next generation of thinkers with ideas that can shape new ways of living.

10 years ago: I was a kid who was very interested in watching action movies 24/7.

In 10 years’ time I really hope to: be an author and potentially get back into art

Want to join us?

There are various ways you can contribute and be part of the team at Speak Out and you can start when you are in year 7.