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To whoever may need to read this

The Speak Out Team are working with the creative writing group at Welland Park Academy and came up with a brief to “Write a letter that you will never send”.

To whoever may need to read this,

Maybe you’ve just had a difficult day, or you just need a pick-me-up. Whatever the situation, give this a quick read.

Somebody needs you to be there for them, even if they don’t know it. You are like a puzzle piece: small, but part of a bigger picture, and when you’re gone nothing is quite complete. Remember to never give up, because dreams are there for a reason – for you to chase them.

And after thinking about this, look back on what has happened. What can you do about it? Can you do anything? However it may seem, you’re not alone. Maybe you have a list of people who you can talk to. Maybe you could make one. Sometimes you just need to be alone in your safe space. Above all, keep your head high and don’t lose hope. The rough times will pass, no matter how long or short they may seem.

It’s hard to send this letter – I’ll never know who it’s to. Maybe lots of people. Maybe you seem all right but inside you feel all your emotions bottled up inside you. Look for the positives and tell people how you feel.

Take care, and look after yourself


By Abigail Hawkridge

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