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Dear to the people suffering in Ukraine

The Speak Out Team are working with the creative writing group at Welland Park Academy and came up with a brief to “Write a letter that you will never send”.

Dear to the people suffering in Ukraine

I am writing this letter to everyone who has been affected by the war in Ukraine.

Firstly, keep your head held high! I feel so sorry to the people who have lost their homes because of the war but just keep remembering that nothing lasts forever and one day you will be able to go back.

I hope that the people that have managed to get away and flee the country are feeling happy, safe and welcome in their new homes. To the people who are fighting for their country, I hope all is well, and keep believing. To all the people whose family has been spilt apart, never stop hoping you will see them again.

Finally, to the people who have lost a loved one, keep remembering all the amazing times you had together. 

To all the people who have been affected, I am sorry.

By Zoe Riches

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