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Dear Florence Pugh

The Speak Out Team are working with the creative writing group at Welland Park Academy and came up with a brief to “Write a letter that you will never send”.

You are my favourite actor. You have a lot of roles, like Yelena from Marvel who is a very fun character. Your Instagram stories make me laugh, and Cooking with Flo is the greatest invention ever. You are a very talented person, very good at cooking and very good at acting. I’m very excited for Don’t Worry Darling, your new film you will be starring in. My favourite movie/show you’ve been in is Black Widow. I really like your role in Hawkeye as well. I found it funny when you got blocked by Instagram for sharing Hawkeye spoilers. 🙂 This is just a thank you letter for being a great person!!

By Jess Evans

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