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Castle on ahill

The princess and the witch: A tale of destiny

For this edition our creative writing brief was: Write a story or a poem in a genre of your choice to go with the title “The Missing Person”. This is one of our entries from Welland Park Academy.

Once upon a time there was a princess, and her name was Raven. She had long waist-length hair. She lived in a castle in a meadow of flowers and her parents loved her…. but back to the story. Once a upon a time Raven went walking in the cemetery (her favourite place).

Out of the blue she heard a scream. “AAAAAAAAAAH.”

Unexpectedly, something came out from behind a bush and grabbed her.

AAAAAAHH. But it was only a girl with black hair.

“Hi my name is Mia, why am I here?”

“I cannot tell you that” I replied.

“Where am I?”

“You are at the Hall of Evil”.

“But I am not evil”.

“Really? I have seen you in that graveyard and you have black hair.”

“That does not mean I am evil.”

“Yes, it does. Only witches have black hair.”

“But I am not a witch.”

“Anyway, suit yourself but deep down I you know you’re a witch. I am leaving now.”

“You will come back won’t you?”

“No, I won’t be coming back.”

She left in a hurry; when she got into her house she ran to her room.

20 years from now…

“Wake up mom.” Raven woke up. She had had a weird dream.

“I am coming Kitty.”

Raven yawned because she was tired. Kitty entered her bedroom.

“Mom, someone called Mia is here.”

“Tell her I am coming.”


Kitty ran out of the room.

Raven opened the door and said “No, it can’t be you.”

“Well, it is me. I am the girl you saw when you were little, and you told me that I was a witch.”

“I don’t remember that.”

“OK then, I will take your daughter when you’re sleeping.”

Noooo but she was gone in a flash. I need to protect my daughter from that evil witch.

Next day…

Where is my darling daughter Kitty? She’s been taken away by the witch and I need to go and find her. She ran out of the house and headed to the Hall of Evil. Suddenly she was swept up into the sky. Then she heard a voice which called out her name. We have been expecting you.” With that, the doors opened into a room filled with chatter.

“Wait, I must have got the wrong door. I am supposed to be in the Hall of Evil and this is quite the opposite.”

“No, this is the hall of evil.”

Bewildered she stepped forward. “Hey, I am looking for Mia” she asked a group of people.

There was an icy cold silence. “You mean the Princes of Evil?”

“Yes! She stole my daughter from me.”

“She is in the castle.”

“Oh.” She climbed the steps arriving at a door with a sign saying Mia’s lair. She knocked twice.

“Come in,” said a dainty voice.

“I want my daughter back.” I shouted.

“Wait a minute. I only took her because I wanted a friend as it’s so boring being the Princes of Evil. You can live here if you want too?”

Kitty’s voice filled the room. “No thank you! I like the comforts of my home, but I will come back. Bye, bye,” she said and her and Raven disappeared into thin air.

Please note: All articles written by young people are fictional in nature and nothing is to be taken as fact
By Kimberly Bashford from Welland Park Academy
Photo credit: Pexels

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