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Leather diary

Secrets unearthed: Maven’s quest for the missing diary

For this edition our creative writing brief was: Write a story or a poem in a genre of your choice to go with the title “The Missing Person”. This is one of our entries from partner school Robert Smyth.

The poster (which was so aged it was peeling at the edges) read, “4-year anniversary of young girl missing, police are considering the worst.” Tears swelled when Maven looked at the old poster before tearing it off and hurling it into the nearest bin. It had in fact been almost six years since 14-year-old Bonnie, who was Maven’s closest friend, had gone missing. And Maven blamed herself.


“Oh my gosh!” Said Bonnie sounding agitated, “I’m so writing about this in my journal!” Mavis’s eyes widened and her mouth twisted to a smile, “since when do you keep a journal!” “SINCE FOREVER!!” Said Bonnie in her usual defensive tone that Mavis knew all too well, “Well why!?” She laughed and jokingly punched her friend’s shoulder.

“For you..” Bonnie responded with a mischievous tone, “I-what ….?” Mavis said as her grin deflated,

“When I die, you’ll need it!” She said in a ghostly tone!

Hearing her friend speak in such a sarcastic way brought Mavis’s smile back

*end flash back*

A light ignited in Mavis’s eye as she remembered this moment….”The diary…” She spoke so softly she barely heard it herself. She knew what she had to do. 67th Roman way……..”wow!” she gasped.

Mavis hadn’t been there since just a week before Bonnie’s disappearance.

*Knock knock*

She knew the house was uninhabited but felt weird simply walking in.

*thud thud thud*

Mavis ran upstairs as fast as she could to the room she remembered as Bonnie’s, in pristine condition.

Panting, she started to search, this included-but was not limited to- throwing books off shelves, pulling drawers off their hinges, and even pulling the mattress off her bed. She soon faced the repercussions of her actions in the waves of dust that fled into her eyelids, this made her dazed and slightly nauseous. In her dizziness, she pulled down on a pillow and down fell a small leather journal.

It was all normal diary entries right up until 1st of February…the day of her departure …. Mavis read on…

At the bottom of the page in small rugged letters it said “check the tree house..” Her eyes swished to the forest outside. It’s one of the biggest ones in the country.

And in it was a small treehouse…virtually impossible to find..unless you where Mavis or Bonnie. With a flick of her heal she ran, faster than she’d done before, finally finding the tree. She ran her fingers over the initials carved into the wood with one last grunt of effort Mavis had fully climbed up the ladder.


“B-Bonnie,” tears swelled in her eyes……


Please note: All articles written by young people are fictional in nature and nothing is to be taken as fact.
By Eddie Revell, year 7, Robert Smyth
Photo credit: Darkmoon_Art via Pixabay

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