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Girl walking next to a reservoir

The girl with the stutter

One of our Welland Park entries is this beautiful poem about a girl with a stutter and how it empowers her to be strong and an inspiration to others.

This is me and I have a stutter
But I’m proud and I don’t let it stop me.
I’m different and smart and kind and I’m strong
But I can’t always say what I mean.

Listen, I’m not stupid – I’m going to change the world.
And be an inspiration for every little girl.

Just realise I’m not scared, it’s just a condition –
If you looked closer, you’d see that I’m full of ambition.

I’m trying to say what I mean, nothing’s stopping me.
Except you, your ignorance and all your interrupting.

And there’s more to stuttering than you would ever know.
Sometimes I’m stuttering and making no sound at all.

No no no! I’m so angry and tired of this!
I’ll say it again, why are you all so ignorant?

I’ve spoken to crowds; I love to act – yes! –
‘Cause I use a technique called costal breathing!

It’s just so exhausting, if only you knew.
How many people are struggling too.
You just can’t imagine, how hard it is to speak,
Every word is a mountain, I’m climbing the peak.

So, when you hear me stutter, just please leave me be.
I’ll say it in time,
And I promise you’ll hear me.

By Amelia McMillan

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