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The Freedom to be Free

Social media might have its issues

That come from lots of different avenues

But this didn’t come out of nowhere

Hate and lies have always been everywhere

So really, it’s just allowed perpetuations

Of the problems we’ve been struggling with for entire generations

You say it’s not like 1984

That that is really so obscure

Well, why get a Ministry of Truth

When our society can grow such a judgmental and opinionated youth?

And I guess, instead of Big Brother We all have each other.

If it were not for public opinion

I could go around dressed like a chicken

Have my hair messy

Allow myself the space to be stressy

Post a picture of me being me

Without having to foresee 

Lots of different types of bullies

All I am saying is – are you understanding?

Our beliefs dictate our actions

But what really dictates our beliefs

By Felicity Bohannon

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