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Slave to anger!

He was a slave to his anger, imprisoned by his rage.

He warned them! Would they listen?

I tore frenziedly through the dark, dense hallway. My legs moved on their own. I had no control. My heart pounded, lights flickered, lungs burnt. Scarlet red stains covered the walls. I didn’t mean to do it. It wasn’t intentional. The corridors of the bunker seemed endless, twisting and turning like a maze. Narrowing, closing in on me by the second. Would I ever reach the end?

Heart pulsing, head exploding, stomach churning, blood running cold. I darted a glance behind me. Nobody was there. Yet.

“Why me?” I wailed anxiously. “What did I do to deserve this?” As I neared the end, a desolate, rusted elevator shaft came into view.

The cold air filled my lungs. Finally. I am out. Frozen to the spot. Time stood still. “Which way do I go?” A 3600 turn, twice. Hills. Forests. Lake. An unlit path. No time to waste. Panic-stricken, I head for the deep, dense forest…

Night fell. My body ached. I dragged myself wearily through the forest, the shock seeping into every crevice of my body. Draining my will. Pure exhaustion, yet in the distance I could hear something. A faint sound. One that gives me hope. The sound of humanity, life beyond the forest. Intermittent dim noises. The crunch of tyres against the gravel. A distant hum of voices and then flickers of light. Flickers of hope.

I bolted through the forest. A burst of energy. I could hear the faint noises drawing closer and closer. Faster and faster, until a screech to a halt. A walled gate.

I collapsed in a heap. I can’t go back to that hellhole. My body is here but defeated. My vision blurred and my mind is on rewind. There I am.

Past events racing through my mind. My amygdala in overdrive. Once again, back in that dreadful room…

Four walls. A clinical lab, gleaming white. I am the centrepiece, strapped to a chair in the centre of the room. I am the dedication of the lab. My destiny is in their hands. Hours of research. Sterilized needles. Intricate intriguing headgear. I hold the key to their knowledge. My power intrigues them. My power frightens them. They need me. They need to understand me, then I remember my reason for being here. The powers I behold. The strength with which I am blessed but cursed.

Empowered, I rise from my heap on the floor. Focused, I visualise the gate opening. Telekinesis, my power, my ability, my strength, or my flaw? All power comes with weakness. All weakness comes with power. The reason for my capture. They took my life away. They pushed me to do this. This isn’t me. This is their fault. I will get them back.

The gate opened. That was when the blinding bright headlights beamed across my body resting on my face. They stopped. The windows rolled down. A voice called me. Questions of concern.

By Ethan Ilenkiw, year 7, Robert Smyth Academy

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