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Tom Fletcher holding his book The Danger Gang

The Danger Gang review

We are delighted to welcome back budding writers from Welland Park Academy. Ellie Blaine has reviewed the book ” The Danger Gang” by Tom Fletcher. This will inspire you to read it and gather your own views.

Meet the gang:

  • Franky Brown – The hero of this tale
  • Eric Flipperson – A little dangerous when wet
  • Katy Speck – Small but mighty
  • Jamelia Pointer – Braver than she thinks
  • Mollie McClear – Quiet but awesome
  • Suzy Prune – Got a lot of GROWING UP to do
  • Charlie Campbell – LOVES scary creatures
  • Ronnie Nutbog – Nice underneath it all

What’s it all about?

Franky can’t wait to move to a new town – although he doesn’t want to leave his best friend Dani. But everything changes after a storm, when strange green lightning and a powerful thunder crash come down on the town.

After the storm, people in his school started discovering that they had superpowers.

Why did I like it?

I really liked this book because I enjoyed the storyline and how the chapters were set out as months of the year for a diary; chapter 1 is January, chapter 2 is February, etc.

By Ellie Blaine

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