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A selection of Martyn Pig front covers

Martyn Pig

We are delighted to welcome back budding writers from Welland Park Academy. Amber and Niamh have reviewed the book “Martyn Pig”. This will inspire you to read it and gather your own views.

In English we have read the novel Martyn Pig by Kevin Brooks. We really enjoyed the gripping, gritty and dark plot, with its many twists and interesting narration. We follow a boy called Martyn Pig, who murders his alcoholic father (by accident or not?) and how he deals with his dire situation. Its depth is meant to be explored, making you question your own morals and causing you to think about if what you’re reading is true – thanks to Martyn’s unreliable narration. It deals with mature topics like addiction and difficult familial relationships from a first-hand perspective. The author uses black humour that contrasts the horrifying themes in the text. We find the book particularly enjoyable because of the fact it’s up to your own interpretation which is very unique.

Overall, we’ve really loved the novel and recommend that you give Martyn’s morbid story a try.

By Amber Timms and Niamh Whelan

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