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A dog nose magnified

Secret Diary of Curtis Mason-Moor

We are delighted to welcome back budding writers from Welland Park Academy. 


To whom it may concern {basically whoever finds this diary}
Oh no! I feared this day would come for my whole life! I am in hiding now but I think I will be safe for now. To Whoever finds this, let me take you back to the beginning…

When I woke up on the 1st of December 1984, there was a storm outside. Ok, that’s not that freaky, but this is! 24 days later, on Christmas day, I woke up in a dog bed! Not just that, but when I went to yell in surprise, there was a tremendous bark! So I got up to go to the kitchen, and my head felt so low! I scratched my head in surprise and felt fur all over my ear!

I went upstairs, making a racket, and went to the bathroom. But I COULD NOT So I started yelling in anger, and yet again, heard the dog bark. Then people started thundering towards the bathroom. Then they started saying ‘Damn, dog!’ and ‘Will it ever shut up?!’ Then it dawned on me: I was THE DOG! I headed towards the door and looked down the corridor. I made a dash for the stairs and as I looked behind me, I saw the humans run through the bathroom door then back out again. Bewildered. I hit the wall and heard the calls of “It’s downstairs!” Then I ran. I looked behind me and shadows loomed above me, threatening to bear down on me. I flung myself out of the back door and fled into the night.

That is the story of my Christmas day, 1984

{PS I hope it does not happen to you!}

By Curtis Mason-Moor

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