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Reasons to vote

Voting. This may be a subject that you have never thought a great deal about, instead just accepted it as a societal norm. You may have instead thought of ideas such as “why would my one vote matter?” Voting exceeds just putting a cross in a box and is an opportunity for us all to campaign for what we believe to be right. As young people, it’s easy to assume that the change that we can have in the world is minimal, but by simply voting you can prove that theory wrong. Whether this is on a local or national scale, voting can allow you to feel a part of a community and feel involved. This can make us feel valued and in a world of so many people, believe that our presence matters. The objective of free speech is what voting orbits around and when the opportunity arises, we should all take it.

The electoral register is the official list of people that can vote, and this comes with its own benefits. You can register to vote when you are 16, though you legally can’t vote until you are 18. This can allow you to feel that you are that one step closer to the community around you. The electoral register is also used for instances such as having a credit check, buying a car, and renting a property.

Not enough young people vote for various reasons, and yet we are the next generation of leaders, and we all want a world that we have contributed to positively in some way. Voting is the place to start.

Do you know the difference between local and general elections?

Local elections are different to a general election. We vote to elect councillors to the Parish, District or County Councils that run our day services. If you vote at a general election you elect MP’s to Parliament to run the country.

By Erin Hickey

Design competition

We invite you to design a birthday card which will be sent out to 18 year olds on their birthdays in the Harborough District who are on the electoral register encouraging them to use their vote. In addition to having your design featured you will receive a £50 voucher.

Useful voting information

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