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Local music artists interview

This term the Speak Out Team were lucky enough to visit Brickwork Studios to meet some very talented local artists and get a tour of the studio. We learned how to use the recording equipment and had a go at playing some musical instruments. We met Giselle, Marnie’s Girl and Ione who performed for us and amazed us with how incredibly easy they made it look. Giselle, Marnie’s Girl and Ione also took the time to answer some questions for us during a short interview.

Interview of local artists – Giselle, Marnie’s Girl and Ione

What inspired you to start singing/making music?

Giselle: Singing and songwriting has always been a part of my life, I always did it even before I really knew it. My mother would always tell me about when I was young and I would make songs about whatever random words she’d give to me, like the ‘giraffe and the washing machine’ while I was bouncing around on the trampoline. But it was only two years ago that I started to take it seriously and really enjoy it.

Marnie’s Girl: I’ve always liked making music, it’s something I wanted to do. When I was younger, I was diagnosed with Autism, and I find it difficult to express my feelings and emotions and so music has helped me express myself.

Ione: In Harborough there is the GBRT (Great Bowden Recital Trust) Junior X Factor Competition, and I was around 11 the first time I entered and then I entered again later, and I won the developmental medal. I also worked with a lady called Andrea in Market Harborough who taught me how to lyric write and this inspired me to keep writing lyrics and making music.

Do you have an idol and who is it?

Giselle: I have quite a lot of idols for different reasons, but currently the person I’m most inspired by is Cavetown, he’s pretty cool.

Ione: Hayley Williams from Paramore, I love her lyrics and I love her music.

Marnie’s Girl: Mine always changes all the time; at the moment I really like a singer called Tamino.

When did you start working with music?

Giselle: I was part of a band called Rainbow Syrup at one point; we wrote a few songs. After I had written a few songs I went to the label really. I was lucky enough to have Ione who drove me to the studio last year for a demo. I’ve been making music here ever since and I’m really enjoying it.

Marnie’s Girl: I’ve been here since January but prior I was in and out of bands in my teenage years. I’ve always been writing music but now I record my music too, it’s how I’ve always wanted it.

Ione: I first came here in 2021, Andrea the lady I was lyric writing with recommended the studio after I wrote 5 songs with her. She encouraged me to get my songs made. After this Martin asked me if I wanted to be a part of the label.

What is your favourite music genre?

Giselle: That’s a difficult one. I guess I could say I’m really enjoying pop punk right now.

Marnie’s Girl: Everything besides strict classical music. I listen to everything.

Ione: I say rock metal but the music I listen to might not be considered ‘rock metal.’ I like music by Hurricane for example. I like listening to rock and metal.

What advice would you give to a young person that wants to get into a music-related career?

Giselle: Networking, find people, other musicians and producers. Having other people to bounce off is super helpful and inspiring. Do it because you love it. If you want a career in music you need to really love it, otherwise there isn’t a point.

Marnie’s Girl: If you want to make music but you’re not sure what kind of music – expand your horizons, listen to and look at every genre of music to find out what kind of music you enjoy and want to create.

Ione: Keep everything you’ve ever written and made. I have lyrics I wrote when I was ten and some of them were really cheesy – but some of them I’m still revisiting today and using the ideas from that time.

By The Speak Out Team

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