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Young people use art to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

The last time we celebrated a Jubilee was for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 to commemorate her 60-year reign.

10 years later the Platinum Jubilee has never been surpassed by any other British monarch in history. The Queen has witnessed 7 decades, each one with their own place in history. Our way of life has changed so much since 1952 and as a country and globally we can celebrate this unprecedented occasion. It is great for everyone to be a part of this occasion as the Queen is a national symbol for our country and represents so much about where we come from. The Queen has remained a figure of duty and service throughout.

"A jubilee is a special celebration of a King or Queen's reign. They take place after the monarch has ruled for a certain number of years and each one is associated with a different type of precious material."

Locally the district wanted to find a creative and informative way of portraying this occasion from a young person’s perspective, so Harborough District Council launched a Jubilee Art Project inviting secondary schools and youth groups to be involved and mark this occasion. Art tells a story better than words and it is vibrant and engages the human mind to think beyond the canvas.

Artwork was produced by Robert Smyth Academy, Welland Park Academy, Brooke House College, Leicester Grammar School, Kibworth Mead Academy, Lady Byron School in Fleckney, Lutterworth College, and our very own HCYC Travelling Forward Project. Also, Somewhere Records, which is a local record label, has put together a piece of music capturing sounds from the 1960s. You will be able to listen to this via the QR code on the relevant banner. Through the art pieces created each of the Queen’s seven decades of reign have been creatively shown.

Artwork was displayed over the Jubilee weekend in Market Harborough, Lutterworth and Broughton Astley. Here are the up and coming locations where you can view it.

  • 09/10 – 31/10 : Hallaton Museum
  • 31/10 – 14/11: Slawston Village Hall

We hope you take the time to go and take a look and celebrate the work of our young people and the Queen’s 70-year reign

By Erin Hickey

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