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The philosophy of success

I assume that you have a goal, something that you would like to achieve. Or if not at this moment, at some point in your life a vivid goal has emerged. With this, I can expect many people reading this article to have questioned that very goal. I’m sure phrases such as “I’m not good enough” and “I’m not worthy” can resonate with you in some way. This isn’t something that we can always take ownership of, you’re simply reacting to the unknown, the fear of what may come. As humans, we can better evolve when we challenge our fears and overcome hurdles, this idea is inscribed within us from the moment we take our first steps. We can change for the better, when we challenge adversity and see that with determination[1]prepare yourself for the cliché quote- you can achieve anything.

Success – a word that we all understand, but often we question how to even reap the benefits.

You may notice that success doesn’t come to everyone, and that the attributes required can be considered rare. The key components are accepting failure, motivation and maintaining a growth mindset. This is proved because to succeed and achieve a goal, the work you have put in must be evident.

Failure – a word I think we are all scared of and taught to be so. To succeed you have to fail – why?

It’s a sign that when you are furthest away from the destination, you are going to keep going and not look back. Trying again is one of the most favourable things a human can do, and that’s how we really learn. Have you ever wondered, if we didn’t fail how that would hinder your views of success or accomplishment? The answer is we may not look upon those subjects with quite so much pride, instead it would be taken for granted. When you reverse the feeling, it all comes to light. Success brings an air of happiness and self-worth because you have gone against the painful truth of failure, you have battled it and won.

Adding to this, failure brings the feeling of motivation, which can be used so that we can face the challenges necessary. You must be motivated to succeed, but that originates in how we think.

We are all guilty of negative thoughts (stated earlier) and this has a greater impact than we know. The mind is one of the most sacred organs in our body and the power it embellishes is often far greater than we even realise. By the way we think, we can either lose sight of our dream or do the opposite. What you can achieve is native to the mindset you put towards it. You must occupy a growth mindset to succeed.

The business industry validates this point massively – in business the risk factor of something going in the wrong direction is huge. In fact, it has been reported that around 20% of businesses fail in the first year. The risk of failure is prominent, yet people do succeed, and there is a pattern in the people that do. Anyone who makes it well in the said competitive industry, has a mind willing to overcome anything.

We all fail and succeed, but it is how you go about those two things that counts. When you are given an obstacle, understand that learning to fail is all part of succeeding.

That is the true secret to success.

Erin Hickey

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