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Speak Out turns 10

Speak Out Magazine is celebrating its10th birthday so we’re shining a light on this momentous occasion. Back in February of 2012 Speak Out magazine was born. Since then, around twenty editions have been released and with each issue the content has evolved. The mantra behind Speak Out is to give young people a platform to share their views.

At Speak Out we care what young people think, and over the last 10 years we like to think we’ve made our mark in Market Harborough and the local community and potentially evoked some changes. Hopefully this same ethos will be shared for many more years to come. Over the years Speak Out has touched upon many topics that are relevant to young people. For example, our first ever edition, produced back in 2012, was solely based on the environment. The impact of a single-topic edition of the magazine may have influenced our readers to make more conscious environmental decisions, which in turn inevitably help save our planet – that can only be a positive thing! As well as raising awareness about global issues, we also showcase projects that are assisting young people in the local area, such as highlighting the Travelling Forward project which HCYC runs working with the young Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities in the Harborough District. 

As part of our 10-year celebrations, we are proud to include this website as part of the Speak Out family. We hope this enables Speak Out to become more central to the rest of the charity’s work and have the capacity to further express the views of young people from all our other groups from the Chill Out and Travelling Forward projects, enabling everyone to have a read and most importantly have a voice.

Over the years we have been incredibly lucky to have received funding to expand the magazine and now to develop an online presence. This has meant more pages within the magazine; from the original 4-page spread to our current 12, and now the launch of our own website. The spotlight on the magazine will not dim but will cast wider so the same great content will also be easily viewed via a phone or laptop. You can also expect lots of additional content, including more articles focusing on even more topics, such as mental health and wellbeing. We will be able to display even more of your artwork in our gallery and keep you up to date with events that are happening locally. The website will be updated regularly, keeping you occupied while you wait for the next edition of your favourite termly magazine. We have been fortunate to work alongside Jordan at Whimsie Creative to create our new online space and he has truly transformed our ideas into reality. The website is simply mesmerising, the colour scheme is bold and bright and utilises the colours form our new Speak Out logo. Our aim is to be inclusive and to reflect the diversity of our team and our readers of all ages from 11-18 and the website definitely replicates this.

If you already enjoy reading the Speak Out magazine then we are certain you will love this website, just as much as we do. We welcome any young people who are interested in contributing to the website so that we can make it as dynamic as possible.

By The Speak Out Team

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