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Polar bear looking upwards with closed eyes

Save our Earth!

When we burn fossil fuels, they release lots of carbon dioxide into the air, this is called greenhouse gas (GHG). Greenhouse gases trap heat in our atmosphere causing global warming and climate change. The Earth is warming up faster than ever and, over time, the warmer temperatures are altering the weather patterns and upsetting the balance of nature. This is causing extreme weather conditions such as heatwaves, freezes, heavy rainfall, tornadoes, tropical cyclones and floods.

The rising temperatures are also causing the ice in the polar regions to melt and therefore sea levels are rising. This threatens coastal life around the world and many habitats are in danger which could mean that eventually some animals may become extinct. It also affects people as some may need to move to find safer homes. Additionally, life further inland is affected because rising sea levels can contaminate soil and groundwater with salt which affects crops, creates health risks and also impacts poverty.

Deforestation is another way we are destroying the planet. When humans clear and cut down forests to make space for farming, animal grazing, wood for fuel, manufacturing, or construction, they release carbon dioxide and other GHGs which is the cause of around 10% of global warming. Sadly, if deforestation continues at this pace the world’s rain forests and other wild areas that help to regulate the planet’s atmosphere will disappear within 100 years.

“I think my main hope for this is that it’s going to make people a bit more climate conscious and more aware of what’s happening and what they can do to help.”

Animal agriculture is a large contributor to GHG emissions, including nitrous oxide and methane, making up over half of the total greenhouse gas emission from agriculture. A range of methods are available that can help farmers reduce emissions such as the use of new technologies, changing on-farm practices and planting more trees on the land.

You and I can help limit these problems! We can do this by making changes to the way we travel, how much electricity we use and the food we eat. We can make a difference. Save your Earth!

By Tegan
Photo credit: Irish Heart Photography via Pexels

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