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Let’s get lost – or not as the case may be!

For Father’s Day we treated my dad to a kayak adventure with Let’s get lost. My mum organised it knowing my dad likes kayaking. To be honest, I can’t say that I was that excited about the prospect of spending two hours on a river, possibly in the rain, and getting splashed by my brother for a laugh.

The day came and my mum was asking us to pack a spare set of clothing (I was wondering why on earth we would need that) and saying we needed to be ready by 9.30. That was pretty early for a Sunday, but I didn’t seem to have a choice!

On arrival we were given a short safety briefing and given buoyancy jackets which were still wet from the day before as it had rained all day. We then had to carry our kayaks between us down to the river edge and lower them into the water. The person in charge helped us in and gave us some directions – we were doing the Explorer trip for two hours which meant we were on our own. This was slightly worrying!

We set off and I soon started to actually enjoy it. It was really peaceful to be paddling down the river, looking at luxury houses, dodging ducks and getting away from the stress of GCSE exams. The route was easy and you can’t go wrong and it wasn’t too hard to paddle. I was in a double kayak with my mum so I let her do most of the hard work! My dad and brother had single kayaks but you can choose when you get there what you want.

Kayaking with Let's get lost on the River Soar

We had a really good family day and I would recommend this trip as something different to do.

To find out more visit the Let’s get lost website. It wasn’t cheap but it was a really fun adventure.

By a Speak Out remote contributor

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