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Colourful gummy bears

Gummy bear taste test

Does blindfolding affect flavour perception? The Speak Out Team conducted a taste test to find out…

Gummy bears, the delightful chewy treats, are known for their vibrant colours and fruity flavours. But have you ever wondered if your sense of taste is influenced by what your eyes see?

In a fun experiment, The Speak Out Team decided to conduct a gummy bear taste test! We compared the taste of each coloured gummy bear with our eyes closed and then open to determine if there is a difference in flavour perception.

Firstly, we tasted the 6 flavours with our eyes closed and guessed each flavour out loud. We relied solely on our taste buds to discern the different flavours. Surprisingly, most of us struggled to identify specific flavours accurately. Some of us mistook strawberry for raspberry, pineapple for lime and one of us thought that most of them tasted like lemon or lime. We then repeated the test with our eyes open in the same order of colours. With our vision restored, we could confidently identify the different flavours with accuracy. Seeing the colours of the gummy bears enhanced our ability to distinguish between flavours because visual cues complemented their taste perceptions.

We were shocked at the results and this experiment highlighted the fascinating interplay between our senses. While taste is primarily a function of our taste buds, our visual perception can significantly influence how we experience flavours. So next time you enjoy a handful of gummy bears, try closing your eyes. You might be surprised at how your taste sensations change.

By The Speak Out Team
Photo credit: Dan Cristian Pădureț via Pexels

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