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Dear World – We now must act together

One of our creative entries to ‘The World’ submitted by Welland Park Academy students who wrote about what they love about it and what needs to change.

Dear World,

you need to understand not sit back and just demand

help those who need it most

but please, don’t forget the host

don’t watch the sea cry

because one day our planet will die

help remove the plastic bags

and stop with the unnecessary tags

does that item need a case?

because one day it’ll end up in that place,

that skip that we disregard

because eco seems far too hard

 just simple swaps

and well made tops

call out the brands which kill our planet

could make a change, but how can it?

three hundred thousand tonnes a year

but to everyone, “Surely, it’ll disappear?”

maybe, one day, two hundred years on

you can finally say your old clothes are gone

but for this world, it is hard to forget

helping us in advance, only to regret

continuously giving us supplies

even while Earth gradually dies

I am almost afraid to say

it is too late to start today

my generation has known their whole life

and now we struggle against the strife

for this is no normal war

more like a daily chore

we now must act together

as our world won’t last forever

Bring closer our countries, and continents

and our lives

for it’s the only way our world survives

so dear people, please understand

as Earth needs no reprimand

but simply state,

with no due hate that we must change.

By Zara Blyth, Year 11 – Welland Park Academy
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