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Dear World – One dream could change it all

One of our creative entries to ‘The World’ submitted by Welland Park Academy students who wrote about what they love about it and what needs to change.

Dear World,

Recently a lot has been happening to people around the world. Humans have changed a lot since their first steps, and I want to tell you just how much has happened. So today I am writing to you about us and the world.

Humans started off as tribes hunting and farming to survive. Soon after countries grew to power, wars started, and this was all just the start of the humans.

Billions of years later…

I look out of my window, I see humans talking, birds chattering and the beauty of the earth. I see love, I see kindness, I see forgiveness. I see hobbies and life; I see friends and family. I see the art, the beauty, the amazing creatures, and the never-ending sea. I see creativity, games, fun, smartness and the wise. I see the world and I think of the adventures, possibilities, hope, joy, and a world of differences that us people should be proud of. And I think how amazing the world is.

But then I look again…

I see fighting, a cold silence, and rubbish on the earth. I see anger, I see frustration, I see revenge. I see darkness, death, wars, and viruses. I see the factories’ pollution and the oil leaking into the endless seas. I see sadness, borders, power and the greedy. I see the world again and I think of hatred, death, broken dreams and a world where people treat others differently. And I think how cruel this world can be. However, it could all change with just one dream.

By Henry Lowther, Year 7 – Welland Park Academy
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