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Dear World – How were you created?

One of our creative entries to ‘The World’ submitted by Welland Park Academy students who wrote about what they love about it and what needs to change.

Dear World,

You are part of a wonderfully mysterious universe and are so beautifully formed. So perfectly symmetrical and every part of you has either land or sea. Across all seven continents, there are billions of humans and millions of species. All with bright and powerful minds.

World, you are reserved and quiet, you don’t share any secrets, nor do you let us know your opinions. For us, the inhabitants, we sometimes feel divided, full of friction or anger. Our emotions sometimes show just as they should: we cry weary tears or scream – a long and treacherous scream.

We all lead completely different life paths and come across completely different challenges and hardships. Yet one thing unites us all – and that is – that we have a place on your beautiful land. We understand so much about the universe, yet so much is yet to be found.

We understand you sit with your fellow planets and orbit the sun, with the stars and the moon glaring upon you. An astonishing scene; one full of such beauty and grace.

World, you have witnessed some of the most intelligent of mankind. And yet, there is still a question they don’t have the answer to.

World, how were you created? For nothing is ever, infinite.

Kind Regards, Erin Hickey, Year 10 – Welland Park Academy
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