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Dear World – Change is possible

One of our creative entries to ‘The World’ submitted by Welland Park Academy students who wrote about what they love about it and what needs to change.

I felt I needed to write to you as it upsets me to know that some people don’t care about you. By the way, I’m Macy Wells and I’m 11. We have amazing wildlife and beautiful scenery, but with people littering, it’s ruining the environment. Plastic and rubbish which is dropped kills millions of animals and this needs to be stopped! This problem could easily be solved if only people cared enough to dispose of their litter and recycle what they can.

You’ve suffered a pandemic these past couple of years with COVID-19 which has brought a lot of pain and grief to many people. It’s been very saddening seeing the effects this has made. So many people have helped to save lives but others do not seem to have cared.

It also distresses me to see how some people have to live in your world. Some can live in houses which cost millions of pounds, but then others don’t have a home, no food and suffer with diseases which they cannot be treated for. In your world, every person is different but I cannot understand why some are made fun of because of the colour of their skin, the clothes they choose to wear, or what they believe in. This shouldn’t happen; each person deserves to live their own life their way.

I myself, feel very lucky in this world to have amazing friends, a loving family and to be healthy and happy. I wish everyone in the world was as lucky as me.

By Macy Wells, Year 7 – Welland Park Academy
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