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Dare to be True

People are often afraid to leave their comfort zones. After all, that is where you are most at ease, and no one likes to be uneasy. However, sometimes it is beneficial to leave that comfort zone and dare to follow a dream.

The word ‘dare’ originates from the Greek ‘θρασύς’ which is interpreted as ’brave’. To be bold is usually perceived to be daring, to be confident. You might think that ‘truth’ doesn’t exactly go hand in hand with ‘dare’, but I would argue the two aren’t as different as they seem. Sometimes telling the truth takes all the courage you can muster. Especially when telling it to yourself. It’s easy to lie to yourself, about the things you wish would disappear. But does that mean they go away? No.

Sometimes the hardest truth we can face is our own, and daring to challenge ourselves, is the biggest dare of all. It’s out of our comfort zone, it takes strength to work on yourself. A way to understand yourself is to organise your brain.

A WAY TO DO THIS IS: Think about the things swirling in your brain and put them into categories:

What you know for sure.

What you aren’t sure about.

What you have no clue about.

At some point, you have to realise that the things you know for sure often come in low numbers. The things that seem to worry you, the things you are unsure about can go on a shelf in the back of your mind. You can pull them out and think about them when you have time (like a book), but when they are not wanted, you can put them away, in a spot you know you will come back to another time. When you feel like you are overthinking, put the subject back on the shelf. There will always be things you don’t know. If you are perplexed about this, make a to do list to learn at least a little about one subject. Then you will have achieved something, and your brain is ordered.

Dare yourself to take some time off for yourself. You must know yourself to be able to leave your comfort zone. It’s a mistake to think that leaving your comfort zone has to be something big, like climbing a mountain. It could be leaving a toxic friendship or telling someone about the heavy burden on your shoulders – asking for help. These things require true courage and only come about when you are honest about how you truly feel about something. After doing these, then you can be assured that you can do the big things.

Once you have organised your brain, you can dare to be your best. Go out in life and be confident, assured in what you know and open to learn about what you don’t. Decide what you want to do and do it. Be bold in your decisions to be utterly yourself, even if you aren’t quite sure who that is at the moment.

People get too comfortable settling for what is easy. Dare to be true to yourself and unlock a world of opportunities.

By Amelia Wilson

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