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Anti-social behaviour in the Harborough District

Anti-social behaviour can be categorized (by the Metropolitan police) into three main parts: Personal, nuisance and environmental. Each can cause terrible effects on communities.

Personal focuses on how an individual can target another person or group, nuisance relates to how someone can impact a community negatively and environmental links to creating issues for the environment.

Reducing anti-social behaviour and violence in the local area

Operation SCEPTRE – Leicestershire Police ran an anti-knife crime week during April 2020. It aimed to reduce knife crime by targeting those carrying weapons. Also, the event raised awareness of knife crime and the impact these crimes can have and where you can go for advice.

JADA+ (Journey Away from Domestic Abuse) is a service that offers advice, assistance, and emotional and practical support. It offers information and help for young people and the non-abusing parent through a programme of play and educational activities designed to improve social skills, self-esteem and cooperative play. Also, JADA+ Therapeutic Services offer a confidential, safe, non-judgemental and empathic environment in which children and young people can share and explore challenges that they are experiencing, allowing them to move forward.

There are other groups to reduce issues surrounding anti-social behaviour. The CSP (Community Safety Program) tries to protect people from crime and disorder. A recent venture of theirs was the ‘Make a stand against violence’ campaign which exists to show young people what violence relating to anti-social behaviour can look like, and what devastating effects it can have. They provide young people with the tools to be an active bystander, and this essentially helps educate them on what their involvement should be within a violent situation.

The main points they offer to youth are to:

cool it down,

be direct and

get help.

These three things are in place to ensure the safety of more people within the community and overall minimise the amount of violence.

This article was written in partnership with Harborough District Partnership.

By Joshua Evans and Olivia Hall

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