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Amsterdam canal houses in bright colours

Amsterdam adventure

Some people call it Amsterdam but I like to call it Hamsterdam 😁

On May the 1st I went on an adventure to Amsterdam, we boarded a cruise ship “Ventura” and started our journey towards Holland.

As we progressed on our adventure the weather became really warm – 20-24 degrees. 

My first impression of Amsterdam was  that it was really busy and built up until we walked towards the canals, and saw lots of boats heading up and down the canals. The buildings were very picturesque, 6 – 8 floors high, leaning over towards the water below. We had a full itinerary and started the day at Anne Franks house – it was really cool going behind the book case… and it was  emotional listening to the story of how they lived in fear of being captured… which eventually happened sadly. I’d highly recommend a visit. 

My favourite thing on our itinerary was hiring some bikes, it was fast paced but I felt safe as it was all cycling paths. We did hit some big roads with trams, cars, and bikes but managed to manoeuvre around safely. 

We cycled 13 miles and went to Vondel park where everyone was sunbathing and eating ice creams as it was so hot. 

We also did a 2 hr walking tour which wasn’t the most exciting for me….but the parents enjoyed it! 

Amsterdam canal houses in shades of brown

Fun facts :

  • Amsterdam has 881,000 bike in its city. 
  • Stroopwaffles are famous in Amsterdam 
  • The city has more canals than Venice

I enjoyed my time in Amsterdam and would like to see the Tulip fields and windmills if I get a chance to go again and eat more Stroop waffles 😊

By Savannah Williams-Brown
Photo credits: Drawn by Savannah

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