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A bucket list for the new year

In case your sleeping beauty head hasn’t emerged from a fort of duvets, despair, mild hypothermia and bone-worming bleakness: it’s January! *Spoiler alert*

It’s always nicer to start the new year with a list of wishes, rather than resolutions. And yes, it is January, but there’s a world outside. (Hopefully). So, here’s a bucket list, to make you feel alive.

  • Watch the sunset or the sunrise. It’s a cliché but a beautiful one. A free one. You can contemplate the startling immensity of the universe, or just think about what you’re going to have for breakfast.
  • Memorise one crazy, mesmerising word and use it in everyday conversation.
  • Try and be a little kinder. Make someone’s day in the process. Compliment someone on their outfit; lend them an umbrella; hold the door open.
  • Do something new, even if it gives you butterflies. Especially then. Whether it be learning to sing, drawing portraits of your family, making new friends or even joining the Speak Out Team

  • Drive along in the car blasting your favourite song, with the windows wide open and the wind giddily soaring through. If you’re feeling fancy, wear driving gloves – although you can’t drive, which is a minor detail – and sunglasses like a silver-screen superstar.

  • Make a list of favourites on a bad day. Favourite film, feeling, time of year…remember that there are so many good things out there.

  • Dress up for something. It could be for Halloween or the supermarket; we just need more Elvis Presley impersonators in the everyday. Fill that void.

  • Learn something useful and lovely. This could be learning how to change a lightbulb, for illumination, and for feeling strangely powerful. Perhaps you could learn how to code, cook, do eye makeup. The world is your oyster (and YouTube has a lot of tutorials).

  • Dance in the rain. (Make sure to have a hot shower afterwards, so you don’t catch a chill). Or do pirouettes whilst washing up, if you live in a dry climate. Make it work for you.

  • Bake yourself – or someone else – a cake. Adorn it with candles and make a wish. Happy New Year! The world is yours.
By Mei Kawagoe

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